HDPE FDA Compliant Chopping Board

Based on its non-toxic and tasteless, lightweight and durable, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, strong toughness and other characteristics, UHMWPE/HDPE chopping board, cutting board and round cutting board are mostly used in aquatic products processing and cutting processing of meat and vegetables.

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HDPE FDA Compliant Chopping Board


HDPE chopping board is designed for durability, low maintenance and safety. 

Its special rough texture holds food safely on the surface, without slipping. 

The natural and bright white color is very popular at present. UHMWPE/HDPE PE chopping board can effectively solve these problems, since those made of wood or other material are easy to absorb bacteria, crack, chip off, deform, bend and so on.

  • HDPE FDA compliant chopping board Features

FDA & NSF Food CertificationNo deformation, Discoloration, Chipping or FractureIt can be customized as request.
Corrosion ResistanceLow Water AbsorptionEasy to Clean
Chemical ResistanceLow CostSafe, Hygienic and Non-toxic


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