Superior Lawn Protection Mats for Heavy Equipment & Foot Traffic

1. Durable Construction: Our lawn protection mats are built to withstand crane trucks ensuring long-lasting performance.
2. Easy Installation and Removal: Featuring lightweight and modular designs, these construction road mats can be quickly installed and removed, saving time and labor costs.

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Superior Lawn Protection Mats for Heavy Equipment & Foot Traffic

HDPE / UHMWPE Lawn Mats Products

lawn protection mats

Lawn Mats for Heavy Equipment

lawn mats

Lawn Protection

lawn mats for heavy equipment

Superior Lawn Protection for Heavy Foot Traffic

lawn protection mats

Lawn Protection Mats

lawn mats

Lawn mats are necessary items used to conservancy landscapes and surfaces during construction, building or temporary access needs.

lawn mats These track out mats, typically made of composite plastics (HDPE/UHMWPE), offer a stable and unbreakable platform, avioding damage to sensitive terrain or work difficalties of crane vehicle.
lawn mats

The lawn mats provide extremely values in conquer several terrains such as wetlands, marshes, or mud areas, where traditional heavy-duty crane trucks or equipments might hard to access.

lawn mats

In the construction industry, superior lawn protection for heavy foot traffic for heavy equipment serve to distribute the weight of heavy machinery, like cranes or trucks, reducing soil compaction and rutting. They ensure a reliable working ground, enhancing safety and efficiency.

lawn mats

The same, in the event industry, these lawn mats offer temporary roadways, preventing damage to lawns. Ground protection track out mats thus have widespread use in various fields, including construction, landscaping, outdoor events, utilities and military operations, where preserving the integrity of the ground is paramount.

Plastic Lawn Mats construction

Constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), our lawn protection mats excel in providing reliable ground protection and safe pedestrian access across diverse terrains. Whether it's construction sites, lawn ground,mud terrain, agricultural fields, or outdoor events, our lawn mats for heavy equipment ensure stability and resilience, making them the ideal choice for all your ground reinforcement needs.

    Temporary Lawn Mats for Heavy Equipment

  • Engineered ground protection and lawn mats offer dependable access solutions for various equipment.

  • Provide temporary roadways.

  • stable passage across diverse terrains.

  • Fits for various ground conditions, including mud, marshes, swamp land, and environmentally sensitive areas.Easy installation helps save your time.

lawn protection mats

Product Raw Material of Lawn Protection Mats

  • New or recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

  • Will never rot, splinter, warp or break.

  • Durable, long last ground protection

  • Suporior performance in all weather conditions

  • Compensates misalignment and deflections

lawn mats

Product Specification

Material: HDPE raw material (new or recycle)

Size list of lawn protection

Standard Size of Extruded Road Mats Standard Size of Pressed Road Mats
Size (mm)Size (inch)Size (mm)Size (inch)


Thickness: 12.7mm, 15mm, 18mm 20mm, 27mm

Cleat Height: 5-7mm

Tecknical Data of Superior Lawn Protection for Heavy Foot Traffic

Weight Loading150 tons
MaterialReworked or Raw Material Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMWPE)
Material StrengthCompressive Strength up to 110kg/cm²

Temperature Variation

It is applied in variety of location covering wide range of temperatures.

The recommended operating range is -100℃ to 80℃

ThicknessIt is availale depends on requirements.
ColorColor can be customized.
Connection TypeMetal Connectors for Heavy Equipments Application

Environmental Feature

Weather resistance, water proof and chemical resistance.

Resistant to acid, alkali and solvent

Transport48 Pieces for 20FT Container
CustomizationCustomized requirement is available.

Product Benefits 

Why choose HDPE/UHMWPE lawn mats for heavy equipment?


Lighter Weight

The weight of lawn mats is lower than wood or steel mats,which provide more maneuverability and reduce the freight cost.


Enviromental Protection

Plastic HDPE/UHMWPE lawn protection are 100 percent recyable and able to protect the sensitive vegetation.


Reliable and Superior Performance

You don't need care about the weather influence on lawn protection mats, it will provide stable permance in any case.


Easy to Clean

lawn protection can be washed by high pressure washer without any damage to the surface.


Multi-color Customization

We are able to provide regular colorable superior lawn protection for heavy foot traffic for heavy equipment, such as black, white or any color you want.



Easy connection design helps installating the secure roadways or working platforms in the short time.

Customized Product

lawn mats for heavy equipment

Discover customizable lawn protection mats tailored to your needs.

Our mats offer versatile sizing, colors, and surface patterns, ensuring seamless integration into any environment.

With options for logo imprinting and accessory installation, personalize your mats for optimal functionality and branding.

Experience unmatched durability and performance with our tailored ground protection solutions

Check the reference colors in the following:

lawn protection mats

Lawn Mats for Heavy Equipment Color Sheet

lawn mats

Lawn Protection Mats Color Sheet

lawn mats for heavy equipment

Lawn Protection Mats Color Sheet

lawn protection mats

Lawn Mats for Heavy Equipment Color Sheet

Lawn Mats Applications

lawn mats

Temporary Roadways Lawn Mats

lawn mats for heavy equipment

Access Lawn Mats

lawn protection mats

Landscape Lawn Mats

lawn mats

Hardscape Lawn Mats for Heavy Equipment 

lawn mats for heavy equipment

Events Lawn Protection Mats

lawn protection mats

Grass Superior Lawn Protection for Heavy Foot Traffic

lawn mats

Construction Lawn Protection Mats

lawn mats for heavy equipment

Work Platforms Lawn Protection

Shinho Plastics has rich experience on UHMWPE plastic industry for decades.

Our UHMWPE products include :marine fender face pad, bunker lining board, irregular part, HDPE plate, ground protection track mats and heavy equipment crane outrigger pads, which are widely used in port and wharf, electric power, petrochemical, steel, coal, food and transmission industries.

For more infomation of track mats, pls click the following link:

Plastic Ground Protection & Construction Track Mats for Heavy Equipment


lawn protection mats

What size of lawn mats do I need?

4'*8' is the most popular sizes, for your personal requirement, we offer custmerized sizes.

lawn protection mats

What is the delivery time for my lawn mats for heavy equipment order?

That depends on the transportation methods you chooce, by express or shipment.

lawn protection mats

How do you ship the lawn mats?

We usually ship the mats by sea freight. 

lawn protection mats

Can I order lawn mats without any pattern on both sides?

Yes, you can. But we don't recommend you do so.

lawn protection mats

Do the lawn mats for heavy equipment have holds for hand?

Usually wo design handholds on our mats, but not in a stardard way. You can submit your cusmerized requirement.

lawn protection mats

Do you have links for lawn mats?

Yes we have, these are the necessary part of the lawn protection.

lawn protection mats

I don't want black lawn protection mats, are there other colors available?

Of course, we have several colors for your reference.

lawn protection mats

What is the weight of your superior lawn protection for heavy foot traffic?

 You can email us for the weight list of lawn mats for heavy equipment.

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